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     Let Them Know Entertainment is an entertainment company founded in 2022 by two passionate music enthusiasts, Robert Louis and Deforrest Taylor. Both born and raised in Los Angeles, California, they have dedicated their lives to the music industry, and have created Let Them Know Entertainment to help aspiring musicians fulfill their dreams.


     Let Them Know Entertainment has an extensive network of contacts that is used to help our clients achieve their goals. Our services include artist management, music publishing, tour coordination, production, and strategic brand growth. Through our artist management services, we provide professional guidance, mentorship, and support to help artists thrive in the fiercely competitive music world. We handle all aspects of  clients' careers, from scheduling to finances, ensuring that the artists can focus on creating music.


     Let Them Know Entertainment also offers music publishing services, creating opportunities for artists to monetize their work by helping them register, license, and distribute their content across various platforms. We work closely with our clients to identify potential revenue streams and maximize their earning potential. Tour coordination is another key service offered by Let Them Know Entertainment. From booking venues to handling logistics, we use our experience and contacts to ensure that our clients' tours run smoothly. Our goal is to create memorable experiences that solidify our clients' reputation in the industry.


     Let Them Know Entertainment also provides production services, covering everything from music video production to live events. We manage the entire production process, from budgeting to crew management, to ensure that our clients' creative visions are brought to life. Let Them Know Entertainment's strategic brand growth services focus on developing our clients' brand and marketing their content effectively. We create tailored marketing plans that target the right audience, build awareness, and maximize exposure across various platforms.


     "Let Them Know Entertainment is a full-service entertainment company that helps artists achieve their full potential. "

With our passion and expertise, Let Them Know Entertainment is committed to helping our clients realize their dreams and make a name for themselves in the music industry.

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